Monarch's Product FreedomGST

Complete GST Software

Monarch`s Freedom GST Software (Full GST law software with Accounting) Designed for Tax Professionals with simple user Interface Entry Module. Its Complete window interface software with highly secure database system. Generate and Check invoices to Govt. Server in a few Clicks. HSN code, SAC code and GST rate suggestion for all goods and Services. Integrates with India`s GSTN to file online GST returns in a single click.

Billing Features :

  •     Creation of Tax Invoices.
  •     Inventory Tracking and Management.
  •      Accounting Functionalities.
  •     SMS/Email Communication.
  •     Excel/CSV Support.
  •     Bulk Imports from excel and tally and other ERP application.
  •     Support to Reverse Charge Mechanism.
  •     Bill Wise Receipt Payment Voucher entries
  •     Record-Journal and Contra Voucher entries.
  •   Easy import-export sales Purchase Data in Excel/PDF/CSV/Word.
  •   Credit Note Debit Note Voucher entries.
  •   Easy Sales Return Purchase entries.
  •   Capital Good entries.
  •   E-Way Bill Generation Direct From Sales entries.
  •   Challan entries.
  •   Easy Import-Export Item and Party Data In Excel/PDF/CSV/Word.
  •   Many Invoice Formats Designs Available.
  •   Multi Sales Bill Print with Filters.
  •   Dashboard View.
  •   Calendar View.
  •   Month Wise Total Credit and Debit Date View On Dashboard.
Reports :
       Daily Reports :
  •   Sales and Purchase Register.(Custom Formats eg. Date-wise,Party-wise,State-wise,Item-wise).
  •   Receipt and Payment Register.(Custom Formats).
  •   Contra and Journal Register.(Custom Formats).
  •   Sales Return Purchase Return Register.(Custom Formats).
  •   Credit Note Debit Note Return Register.(Custom Formats).
  •   Capital Good Register.(Custom Formats).
  •   Sales and Purchase GST Report(Custom Formats eg. Date-wise,GST Rate-wise,HSN Wise,Composition).
  •   Stock Report (Custom Formats).
         Management Reports :
  •   Account Ledger Report.
  •   Day Book Report.
  •   Account Ledger Balance Report.
  •   Opening Balance Report.
  •   Trial Balance Report.
  •   Trading Report.
  •   Profit Loss Report.
  •   Balance Sheet Report.
           GSTR Annual Reports :
  •   All Return Filed or Unfiled Status Report(Company-Wise,Period-Wise).
  •   GSTR1 and GSTR3B Comparision Report(YearWise,Period Wise).
  •   All GSTR Annual Matrix Report.
  •   GSTR3B Month wise Summary and Auto Forward ITC in Dashboard View.

GST Return Feature:

          GSTR1 Return Filling :
  •   Easy Data Fillling Of GSTR1 Data.
  •   Easy Import GSTR1 Data From Excel.
  •   Import GSTR1 Data From Sales Transactions.
  •   Easy Export GSTR1 Data In Excel.
  •   Easy Data Entry In GSTR1.
  •   JSON Upload at Single Click.
  •   User Friendly Json Viewer Tool.
  •   Download GSTR1 Data From Government Portal.
  •  Fetch Acknowledgment No From Government Portal.
  •  Easy GSTR1 Summary View.
  •   GST Online Data and Software Data Checking Feature.
  •  SMS of GSTR1 ARN Details to Clients.
    GSTR2 Return Filling :
  •  Easy Import GSTR2 Data From Excel
  •  Import Excel in GSTR2A For Mismatch Purchase Invoice From Software
  •  Import GSTR2A Data From Purchase Transaction.
  •  Download Multi GSTR2A Excel/Json From Government Portal
  •  Auto mismatch Invoice In GSTR2A Entry Module
  •  Offline Json Import in GSTR2A
  •  Export Mismatch GSTR2A Data in PDF/Excel
  •  Easy Export GSTR2 Data In Excle
  •  Easy Data Entry In GSTR2
  •  User Friendly JSON Viewer Tool
  •  Fetch Acknowledgment No From Government Portal.
  •  Easy GSTR2 Summary View.
  •  SMS of GSTR2 ARN Details to Clients.
      GSTR3B Return Filling : 
  •  Easy Import GSTR3B Data From Excel
  •  Easy Import GSTR3B Data From Sales and Purchase Transaction
  •  Export Mismatch GSTR3B Data in PDF/Excel
  •  Print GSTR3B Data
  •  Easy Data Entry In GSTR3B 
  •  User Friendly JSON Viewer Tool
  •  Json Upload at Single Click.
  • Fetch Acknowledgment No From Government Portal
  • Download GSTR3B Data From Government Portal
  • GST Online Data and Softweare Data Checking Features
  • SMS of GSTR3B ARN Details To Clients
       GSTR4 Return Filling :
  •  Easy Data Filling of GSTR4 Data .
  • Easy Import GSTR4 Data From Excel.
  • Easy Import GSTR4 Data From Sales and Purchase Transaction.
  • Export Mismatch GSTR4 Data in PDF/Excel.
  • Print GSTR4 Data.
  •  Json Upload at Single Click.
  • Easy Data Entry In GSTR4.
  •  User Friendly JSON Viewer Tool.
  • Fetch Acknowledgment No From Government Portal.
  • SMS of GSTR4 ARN Details To Clients.
     Online Tool :
  •  Login In GSt Portal
  • Login In E-way Bill
  • Bulk GSTIN Verification
  • Fetch ITC Data From Government Portal.
  •   Ledger Account Balance Transfer.
  •  Auto Account Effect.
  •  GST Calculator.
  •  Reminder.
  •  Json error Viewer.
  •  Full Backup Restore Futures.
  •  Single File Backup.

Nominal Rate of FreedomGST :

Installation charges including 1 year service support Rs. 10500.00 * Rs. 13500.00 *
AMC(Annual Maintenance Service Charges or Budget to Budget upgraded) Rs. 3250.00 * Rs. 5000.00 *

Note : * means Amount should be Add with Tax or Less with discount.